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Why Osteopath?

Osteopathy at Grimsby Health & Wellness



Osteopathy began with it’s founder A.T suffering from headaches at a very younge age. He soon came to realize that the cause of headaches differs in everyone.


Did you know your headache can be related to your back, your ribs or ever your ankles? 56D1F28F-1752-42D6-BF68-F5742414AD0A


Osteopaths use their hands to assess whether a headache has occurred due to a recent cough that has caused a rib to displace or even a minor fall that has left you with altered ankle mechanics. 


The cause of any problem is unique to the individual. If you would like to book an appointment with our Manual Osteopath, Natalie Jakymyshyn, she treats every Monday.



Call us now at (905) 945-4481 or book an appointment online at

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