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How to manage the annual spring cleanup

Springtime weather is a bit late this year, but you can be sure that every chiropractic office in the land will experience the annual pilgrimage of sore spines into their offices as they jump into their spring cleanup and sport activities. Many of our patients receive maintenance care throughout the year and follow home-based exercise programs to prevent a sudden, acute injury and emergency office visits  Garten 110during this time.

Unfortunately, our emergency type patients wait too long to come into the office and their conditions
tend to become more complicated requiring time off work and interruption of the activities they enjoy during those beautiful Spring days. At this point, there usually isn’t a quick fix adjustment!

After 40 years of active practice, Dr.Cruise has come to understand that in order to manage spinal health and prevent injuries from recurring, we all need a short 2-3 minute daily routine of specific exercises tailored to our own spines. The common refrain we hear is that “I thought it would go away'” or  “I forgot how to do the exercise”. Dr. Cruise has struggled for years to find a way to help people with this issue. So he asked himself, “What do I do to mange my own spinal problems which I have had since my first visit to a chiropractor after a hockey injury at age 11″ ?  Well, he follows a 2-3 minute spinal exercise routine because he finds he can fit it into his busy life and keep him competing in the sports he still enjoys playing with his children and grandchildren!


Why not ask your chiropractor for a tailored 2-3 minute exercise routine that will keep you healthy so you can enjoy the busy season that is fast approaching!

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