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Manual Osteopathy

People new to Manual Osteopathy often ask our Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Natalie Jakymyshyn, “Why have I not heard of Manual Osteopathy before?” Or “Is this a new practice?”

The answer is NO!

Osteopathy has been around since the 1800s. You may have heard some Osteopathic practitioners say 885FE22D-CD56-4948-8A5F-D7C75711A83Ethey practice “classical” Manual Osteopathy or “ten finger” Osteopathy. What this means is that
Natalie follow the founding principles of the profession. Every treatment is based on principles rather than an application of technique. An understanding of the principles allows the practitioner to be innovative and treat based on the individual person.

Please call us at (905) 945-4481 if you have anymore questions or want to book an appointment with Natalie!

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